Divoom Timebox Evo Portable Pixel Art LED Bluetooth Speaker

$45.90 USD
Color: black

Divoom Timebox Evo

Imebox Evo is a simple, regular old bluetooth speaker with rectangular design. In the sides of it, you will find the power in

The world fame

Pixel art creation

You can immediately take pictures and converts it to pixel art design, also can make multiple screen pixels and translation to achieve the effect of art. Moreover,



Intelligent sleep AIDS/social media

24 customizable built-in sleep aid configuration file for you to choose from. Alpha Boeing rail and specially calibration of melatonin induced lighting aura can make

A great gift

Custom startup logo, in order to achieve your best wishes.



  In response to global shipping delays, we will deliver your order from Monday to Saturday and try to update the tracking on systerm the next day. Divoom also has overseas stocks in European countries and the United States. Parcels usually arrive in the United States within 1 week, so you can shop happily. :)

Divoom is also happy to deliver your items worldwide. If sent by standard shipping methods according to different locations, the package will usually arrive within 1-2 weeks. If you need it urgently, we strongly recommend DHL. For other countries/regions, we will do our best to ensure that our customers enjoy fast delivery.

We can transport almost every country in the world


All customers directly from our store, we offer one year warranty service. You will need to do is related to the image/video sharing to Mi




Ask a Question
  • I want to buy for my 4 kids - will they all be able to chat with one another? Or is each box limited to one chat partner?

    The chat feature is available between 2 units operating as exclusive partners. 

  • Why is there a 64x64 mode if no Divoom product supports it?

    While we don't currently support it now, it doesn't mean that we will not have it in the future. Keep in mind, we can stack four Pixoo together into a 32x32 since its initial release, so 64x64 is not too far off. In addition, if a 64x64 scale product ever being released, we would like to have some nice designs ready for it.

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