Smart Alarm Clock, Divoom Timebox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker with 16*16 App Controlled LED Front Panel


Divoom Timebox Evo

Simple Modern Design:Timebox Evo is a simple, regular old Bluetooth speaker with a rectangle design. On its side, you’ll find the power on button, while on the top you have your media controls and a button to change screen animations and lighting modes.

Sound quality: It’s by no means a perfect package, and while the device is fully capable of filling the moderately crowded room with sound, it lacks a deeper, hard-hitting, bass that you get in some higher-end speakers on the market. However, for its price point, Timebox Evo sounds incredibly good and will satisfy everyone but the most demanding audiophiles.

Fun to use: A stunning 16x16 LED screen can be DIY by "divoom" App. For those who want beautiful images to display, but lack creative inspiration, they can join the largest pixel art community of more than a million talented artists and choose from a massive variety of graphics, videos, GIFs and games.

Multifunctional bluetooth speakerWhen you’re listening to music, the speaker is powerful, but it also serves as a smart alarm, pixel art display, social media notification center and more.”

Overall, combining a stunning 16x16 LED screen with a powerful bluetooth speaker, Divoom Timebox evo lets you enjoy crisp Bluetooth 4.2 audio with a splash of dynamic pixelated color. Connect your phone to the mobile app " Divoom", and you can create your own pixel art and lighting, as well as your own remixes using the DJ mixer. Evo functions as a smart alarm and sleep aid, and even supports games, voice memos, and social media notifications. Just connect via Bluetooth and add some color to your daily listening. 

  • Listen to your favorite songs w/ custom light effects
  • Create your own pixel art & share online via the app
  • Stay connected w/ social media notifications
  • Enjoy crisp Bluetooth 4.2 audio & DJ mixer
  • Design your own alarm w/ 14 profiles & customizable settings
  • Sleep better w/ HQ alpha wave audio tracks & melatonin-inducing lighting


  We will delivery your orders from Monday to Saturday, and update the tracking on systerm the next day. Also Divoom is happy to delivery the item to you globally.  For USA, European and Asian, Middle East countries, parcel usually arrive within 2 weeks if send by standard shipping. If you need it urgently, we highly recommend DHL. For other countries, we will do our best to ensure our clients enjoy the fast delivery.



  All customers buy directly from our store, we will offer a One year warranty service. All you need to do is sharing the relative pictures/videos to susan@divoom.com. We will follow up accordingly.





Ask a Question
  • I want to buy for my 4 kids - will they all be able to chat with one another? Or is each box limited to one chat partner?

    The chat feature is available between 2 units operating as exclusive partners. 

  • Why is there a 64x64 mode if no Divoom product supports it?

    While we don't currently support it now, it doesn't mean that we will not have it in the future. Keep in mind, we can stack four Pixoo together into a 32x32 since its initial release, so 64x64 is not too far off. In addition, if a 64x64 scale product ever being released, we would like to have some nice designs ready for it.

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