Divoom Pixoo backpack with 256 customized LED front panel 275 x 150 x 385mm (Black)


Pixoo Backpack is an innovative animate smart backpack. Through its companion APP, you can create and display your pixel art, or showcase any picture or animation from our online pixel art gallery. If you want to be in the center of attention, Pixoo backpack is the best gear!


 Dimensions: 275 x 150 x 385mm
Materials:Polyester fiber, Cross-linked polyethylen, Sponge, XPE, EVA

Attention: There is no power bank included.

Package: 1 pcs of Pixoo backpack, manual

To start:

1. Search " divoom" on the App Store or Google Play.

2. Connect the  pixoo backpack with a powerbank.

3. Connect " pixoo backpack" in the divoom app

4. You are set! Let's draw some pixel art!

Maintain your backpack:

  1. Pixoo backpack is only water resistant. Do not put it in the washing machine, use a damp fabric to wipe its surface instead.

2. Ps take care of the flexible LED panel. Excessive force may damage panel.

3.We recommend using a USB power bank with 2.0A output.


Pixoo Backpack es una innovadora mochila inteligente animada. A través de su aplicación complementaria, puede crear y mostrar su pixel art, o mostrar cualquier imagen o animación de nuestra galería en línea de pixel art. ¡Si quieres estar en el centro de atención, la mochila Pixoo es el mejor equipo!


  Dimensiones: 275 x 150 x 385 mm
Materiales: fibra de poliéster, polietileno reticulado, esponja, XPE, EVA

Atención: no hay banco de energía incluido.

Paquete: 1 pieza de mochila Pixoo, manual

Para comenzar:

1. Busque "divoom" en la App Store o Google Play.

2. Conecte la mochila pixoo con un powerbank.

3. Conecte "mochila pixoo" en la aplicación divoom

4. ¡Estás listo! ¡Dibujemos un poco de pixel art!

Mantén tu mochila:

1. La mochila Pixoo solo es resistente al agua. No lo coloque en la lavadora, use una tela húmeda para limpiar su superficie.

2. Ps cuida el panel LED flexible. Una fuerza excesiva puede dañar el panel.

3. Recomendamos utilizar un banco de alimentación USB con salida 2.0A.


Ask a Question
  • What are the dimensions of the screen area?

    Hey there, it is 240mm*240 mm.

  • Is it possible to present slideshows on the backpack? Like you could on the evo or pixoo?

    hello there, yes, you can also have the animation on pixoo backpack. :)

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