Divoom Tivoo Max Premium 40W 5000ma Pixel Art LED Bluetooth Speaker

Color: black
$129.99 USD



The Divoom Tivoo-Max is the largest and most versatile model in the past Divomom's line of portable art speakers. Why is it great?


1. Not just the speaker

Tivo-max is a work of art. For those who want to display beautiful images but lack creative inspiration, they can join the largest community of giving back to the arts, with over a million talented artists and a choice of graphics, videos, GIFs and games.

2. Multi-functional Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker is powerful when listening to music, but can also use smart alerts, art displays, social media notification centers and more."

3. A high-quality voice.

The speakers are designed using the latest DSP technology, with 40 watts of power and 2.1 stereo Settings. It features a 20W active subwoofer and a bass port chassis design that provides powerful bass effects to enhance bass.

4 Compatible with Divoom, a free app

The app has over a million users, we encourage customers to create their own designs, and there are some popular activities to win gifts. ^ ^

Up to 10 alarms and built-in light music can be provided to help you fall asleep.

We also offer daily planner, countdown to help you better manage your life.

From audio features to LED displays and accompanying mobile applications, Tivoo-Max can inspire users to show their personalities in art and sound through alerts and other daily functions (including social media notifications, event planners, calendars, games, etc.).


TIVOO - MAX function

  • Three colors are available
  • 2.1 Audio design
  • Independent subwoofer with 20W output
  • DJ mixer has 48 unique effects
  • Art creation/Smart clock
  • Up to 6 hours of playback time
  • Touch screen

Appearance size: 184.5 mm x 163 mm x 86 mm
Drive size: 278mmX1,45mmX2
Output power: 40 tile
Signal to noise ratio: ≥80 dB (A)
Battery capacity: 5000 ma
Battery voltage: 3.7 v
Battery charging time: 4 to 5 hours
Playing time: Up to 10 hours
Compatible with Bluetooth: Bluetooth V5.0
Weight: 1490 g
Frequency response: 40-20 kilohertz
charge Via USB cable 5V-2A


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