LED mood Lamp, Divoom Pixoo Bluetooth Pixel Art Frame with 16*16 App-Programmed LED


Divoom Pixoo


将您的手机连接到移动应用程序“ Divoom”,并观看您的作品点亮屏幕!Pixoo还通过其日常工具套件帮助您提高工作效率。其中包括通知,语音备忘录,提醒等!






* 1600万种可选颜色


 免费的应用程序“ Divoom”可能是最大的像素艺术社区,您可以在其中从图库中选择一个,也可以轻松创建自己的画廊。


  为了应对全球运输延迟的情况,  我们将从星期一至星期六交付您的订单,并尝试在第二天更新systerm上的跟踪。Divoom在欧洲国家和美国也有海外库存  包裹通常在美国1周内到达  ,因此你们可以购物愉快。:)   







Ask a Question
  • What is the size in inches?

    Screen is 6 1/4" by 6 1/4" whole thing is 7 7/8" x 7 7/8" x 1 1/4"

  • What is the name of the app you can download to your phone to operate this product?

    Divoom Smart for IOS and Android.

  • Does it play music? If so does the sound come out of the pixoo or my phone

    pixoo is only a picture frame, not a speaker.

  • Is this speaker waterproof or suitable to be outside

    Hey there, the Pixoo is a fun LED pixel frame, it isn't waterproof, so if a nice weather, there is no problem. 
    We have some customers they put the pixoo near the window, and let the front face outside, especially when 
    you have standard LED light all around the house, with funny pixel pictures, it just looks amazing!

  • Hello there! What an amazing piece of pixel tech is this? Kudos! Now what I want to learn about it is: 1. Is it power pass through that needs a power brick. Or is it battery operated. 2. Europe shipping to avoid customs etc? Thank you!

    1. There is a lion battery inside the pixoo,
    you can also recharge it with the micro usb cable we provided inside the package.
    2.we have warehouse in UK, we can delivery to most European counties, but tax is something depending on your counties ‘s custom, we can’t guarantee 100% no tax.

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